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Optimize UVB Cuvettes

As you are aware sterility of the UV Irradiation procedure is ensured by using a sterile cuvette inside the UV Instrument. Optimize Products Inc. cuvettes are extremely high quality. While some manufacturers of cuvettes try to save money by having them made from Pyrex glass (which unfortunately blocks UV light), Optimize Products Inc. cuvettes are made of the finest 214 Quartz Glass to ensure maximum transmission of the UV Irradiation to your sample. 


Where are our cuvettes manufactured? This question is as important as the type of glass from which they are made. Once again, in order to save on construction costs many manufacturers have outsourced their production of cuvettes to China. Does this concern you? It should. Chinese manufacturers have proven that they are not the most detail oriented when it comes to safety and quality by releasing children’s toys laced with toxic lead paint to plumbing materials that burst under pressure. Would you trust them to sterilize cuvettes effectively?


Optimize Products Inc. cuvettes are manufactured for us in a certified German factory that has been manufacturing cuvettes and medical products for many, many years. This factory is inspected several times per year to ensure it always abides by the medical product manufacturing practices and standards of Germany, one of the strictest countries in the entire EU.

UVB Cuvette / IV Glass Tubing

Size and Prices:

Optimize Products Inc. manufactures two convenient sizes of Quart Glass UV Cuvettes:


8” “Short” Cuvettes => These cuvettes are manufactured specifically for  Aqua Pro I and II UV Instruments, and Optimize Products Optimize I and II UV Instruments plus most other instruments using the 6” lamps. 


14” “Long” Cuvettes => These cuvettes are manufactured specifically for most UV instruments that use the 12” lamps. 


Our Prices are the lowest in the industry.

Why are the prices so reasonable?:

Due to the large volume orders we receive, we can offer you the lowest prices in North America for these disposable cuvettes. We are also the only company providing these cuvettes that have an “In Stock Commitment”. We have committed to all of our customers that we will have the cuvettes in stock when you order them. This obviously requires a great deal of pre-planning on our part, as well as the holding of large stocks at all time to satisfy demand. We know that a consistent supply of cuvettes is essential for your business, and thus our commitment to you that we will always do our very best to have these cuvettes in stock.  

Package UVB Cuvette / IV Glass UVI Tubing

Pricing is in Canadian Currency.Please note - online store purchasing is available for shipping within Canada.If you are a U.S. Customer please visit our U.S. Site at www.optimizeproductsinc.comFor all other Countries please call us or email us and we can help you place your order.

Ultraviolet Cuvettes

8" Cuvettes - Qty - 50 - $910.00 - $18.20 per cuvette

12" Cuvettes - Qty - 40 - $1010.00 - $25.25 per cuvette

UVB Cuvettes can be ordered on our online store or by calling us to place the order.

Please Note: Optimize UVB Instruments are not available  in Canada.

Disclaimer: In order to abide by the guidelines of Health Canada, the Competition Bureau of Canada, the FDA, and the Federal Trade Commission of the USA, Optimize Products clarifies that the products displayed on this website are not approved medical devices. Nor does Optimize Products attribute nor specify any health benefits associated with the use of any of these products. Please consult a qualified physician before using any products, drugs, or devices. Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor Health Canada.

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